Artisan print bed alternatives

Hi there,
I recently got an Artisan and overall it’s a great machine.
But I really don’t get along with the print bed.
I swap filament types a lot and this can cause trouble with adhesion. In particular when switching from PLA to PETG really thorough cleaning is needed to remove any residue. PETG doesn’t stick at all even on tiniest PLA residue. Simple wiping isn’t sufficient for me. I usually need to thoroughly clean the sheet with soap and hot water. At least in my experience that’s a general statement not limited to the Artisan.
What I do on my other printers is to use spring steel magnetic sheets coated with PEI. I simply have one (cheap) sheet for each material. Then a simple isopropanol wipe is sufficient every now and then.

One solution would obviously be to have separate complete stock print bed modules for each material. That would be very quick swap compatible but kind off overkill. Having just separate stock glass plates would be cheaper (~60€ per plate) but kind of annoying to always unbolt the glass plate from the heating module.

Also I prefer the easy removal of larger prints with spring steel sheets.

I have seen MMoosmans post on his mods:

But wanted to ask if anyone has modded their Artisan with some easier to swap and easier to clean sheets?
What are your solutions for “quick swapping”, cleaning, large print removal?
Are you getting good heat transfer and heat spreading result?

Thanks in advance!