Multiple part auto layout

Something I love about using Slic3r for my Prusa MK3 is when I put the models on the software, I can press a single button to auto move the parts to where the software thinks is the best spot for the quickest print. Something like this should be added.

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From what I have seen, Luban is similar to Cura and the auto arrange function is not ideal. Functional sure, but certainly not where I would expect it to arrange multiple components.

To get this function you simply need to right click on the main window where you have placed multiple parts and there should be an option like “arrange parts”

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I didn’t know about this. But instead of arranging the parts, it stacks everything on top of each other in the center.

I have had this issue before too, mostly when I have duplicate STLs on the same workspace. Cura does this at times as well but less frequently than SM Luban, so not my favorite slicers for this feature.