Multi color printing

This flexi-rex was printed in place with the help of the Palette filament splicer made by Mosaic Manufacturing.


Can I borrow $800 to get that machine?

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Do you need to change the printing module to complete this print? How did you change the filament?
Nice job by the way!

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No, you don’t need to change the printing module. With some practice the change of the filament can be made during the print of the priming tower on the backside.

You do not need to change the module or the filament. The Palette does all that for you. I can import up to 4 colors or types of filament, it cuts and splices the filament according to a pre programed file. The block in the picture is the transition tower where the printer purges the nozzle for the next color.

This is so cool! Does the machine increase print time at all?

Did you have to do any kind of calibration in terms of how far the Palette is placed from the printer? I’m assuming that transition tower block is solid 100% infilled? That’s still pretty cool though. Thanks for sharing.

You calibrate the printer to the Palette with its onboard program

This is fantastic.

I also read some articles say that we can welder piecies of different color filaments into one piece, and print it out. But I never tried it.


This is fantastic, thanks for sharing. I had read an article about this somewhere online. Was it easy to integrate with the Snapmaker? Can you share some photos of your setup with the Snapmaker and Palette together? That would be appreciated.

For those of us not flush with funds have a look at this article from How to Join or Fuse Filament Together
Well done!


Ooh, I’m liking these diy solutions. Thanks for the link @doug.

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Google is our great friend, just go searching, you can find YouTube videos on fusing filament as well.

keep having fun and have a great weekend.


If I didn’t already have another printer coming that can do multicolor and gradient printing in a mixing nozzle, I might consider this. The price tag is too high to add this to my Snapmaker.

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Nice idea but you can also create separate snappable modules.
And I am convinced that there is a manual welding method to do this as well, with a bit of patience!
One thing I would like to try is printing two separate parts and then in a different file print a flexible connection between them while still on the print bed, creating a hinge. Has anyone tried using a TPE such as Ninjaflex or Filaflex yet?


Do you use Canvas software ?
When I use Canvas it starts to low, ca. 1 mm and the nozzle destroys the printing bed.
Can you help ?