Modifying my Snapmaker


I would like to modify my Snapmaker 2.0
Is it possible to get the pin assignments and specifications of the individual ports?
I have already searched for something on the net but unfortunately I did not find anything.
Also a documentation for the GCode would not be bad.

Michael from Germany

There’s not much information, but look here: Cables available somewhere? Pin layout? - specifically the post by @Franky.

I know I’ve seen some posts on the forum looking for this info before. Mostly discussion of the CAN BUS and pin layout.

I found posts about the future of modules, but that doesn’t seem to have much technical info in it.

There was a lot of work done reverse engineering the v1 modules, but none of that really applies to the v2.

Lastly, you can always examine the v2 firmware source.

There is not much information available, I’ve been doing some reverse engineering but takes some time and trial an error.

From HW point of view, motors are having direct control with the Step control lines, while all the rest of the information ( sensors, temperature control, etc … ) goes through the Can-Bus. In order to understand the protocol used, you need to go to the source code ( FYI:Source code of Snapmaker Firmware ) and that is a heavily modified version of Marlin. I’m trying to get out at least the GCodes available, but again is quite a time intensive task.

To modify the FW is feasible (I’ve already compiled it successfully ) but then the challenge remains to upload it into the printer as it’s package together with the Display/modules updates ( I think a found a way to do it but requires HW modifications to access the Snapmaker MCU and still need to test it ).

So, the simplest ways to modify your Snapmaker are two now:
(1) Either you select compatible components to substitute the actual ones: fans, hot-end, motors, …
(2) Or reuse the actual control PCBs in the modules to interface to totally new components and do some HW hacking to make what you want ( e.g. create a small interface PCB to get adapt a more powerful hotend - Titan Aero - while cheating the FW to think is still their hot end )

The route (1) can now give the most benefit with less effort as I’ve already identified several ‘easy’ upgrades ( the fans are the one I’ve already published but others I have on the works :wink: ) . @SchmittisDE, if you let me know what are interested in modifying, I might be able to help/share what I’ve already got :slight_smile:


@Franky if your looking for all the supported gcodes check out this:

@Atom, thanks a lot for the pointer, I already knew that one but I find out ‘unreliable’ as it’s depends on the FW version. For example, in the last source code posted , the M600 seems activated:

, so I’m trying to make a small script that will create the list from the source code :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information.
I will have a look at the Firmwear Sourcecode.
I have several ideas in my head that I would like to realize. The pin assignment of the modules would still be missing. I think that they differ from the axes.
I would like to construct a pen holder. Here I am already quite far but the lowering of the pen is still on the plan. And a possible color change.
A stronger laser module would also be a wish. That should work the easiest way. I guess that the original module is also controlled by PWM signal. Focus would have to be adjusted manually.

Has anyone disassembled the modules and taken some pictures?


@SchmittisDE SM is planning on releasing an 8w laser module within the next year. I just want to make sure your aware before making your own laser module.

@Atom I still have a 20W / (8W out) module lying around here. The cutter was not so great. It is simply missing the Z-axis for the thickness. So I would like to convert the laser to fit on the Snapmaker. The module has 4 connectors, 12V power and PWM(TTL). I quickly printed out a mount, only the control is missing.


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If I was guessing you’ll need a CAN to PWM translator. Reasonably simple if you know the CAN commands.


In that case, like Franky said, your best bet is to tare apart the SM2 laser module and use the controller out of that. You can’t use just any controller, As they haven’t released the needed info so that you can make the SM2 brain realize that you have attached a laser and give you the laser options on the touchscreen.

@SchmittisDE, there is some more info posted about the CAN bus in Please publish some technical drawings