FYI:Source code of Snapmaker Firmware

@yyg Sorry for the late reply.

  • Is the Snapmaker v2.0 firmware also compatible with the original snapmaker?
    • No
  • If not, can you also share the source for the Snapmaker v1.0?
    • I will ask the developer and share it here if it is available.

I will keep you updated.

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FYI, source code for Snapmaker Original firmware 2.11.


@Edwin, I suggest you edit the topic to remove the “1.7.0” since this thread has other source listed.

Thanks for your advice. @Tone

As Scott said before, for now we have enabled FreeRTOS V10.3 in FW and testing its stability&reliability. We will continue to optimize the FW feature in next cycle.

Thank you @Edwin and the entire Snapmaker Team. I really appreciate it.

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@Edwin Will SM team also make the enclosure Firmware (and later on other modules that will be released) open source?

Is it possible to get the 1.9.0 Firmware?

I will ask it for you guys. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Edwin,
by any chance did you get any feedback from the SW development team (for v1.9.0 and enclousure FW)? Thanks for the continuous support :grinning:

Hi @khyeung

Sorry for the late reply, and I was super busy last week.

Our firmware are going to release a new version of firmware and will release the source code of it here.

Please wait for a few days.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Best regards

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Hey @Edwin, whats going on at your place,- i think your team is very busy the last few weeks, why?- What you are doing right now?

Please share the source-code of 1.10 or 1.11 with us :wink:
Thank you!

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Yes please share the source.

FYI, because the code is a fork of Marlin, then it’s already open, GPLv3 to be exact. Your repos should be including the original LICENSE file from the Marlin repo.

You did fulfill the GPL by posting the source code here. It just seems like it would be less work to make the Github repos public, and stop posting zip files.

The last source code we got for Snapmaker 2.0 was in May. Is there a possibility to get the source code of the current firmware now, when it is already three months later?
@Edwin @JKC20

@hoaschter: (now it’s more clear I think :innocent:)


The new version of firmware will be released this week after tests, and the source code will be posted here as well.

Sorry for the long-time waiting.


@Edwin, Any news on the release of FW Source Code for the last version?

Here is the link for the download page of Snapmaker 2.0 firmware:

@Edwin, thanks a lot for the source :slight_smile:

Any idea when is expected the formal publishing as an Open Source project?

The source shared compiles nicely but in order to load in the printer some instructions are missing (I’ve seen that the FW updates packages include the Marlin firmware plus other things, so definitely how to create a FW upgrade package would be helpful :grinning: . The rest of the code ( I assume screen at least ) will be also open source?

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@Edwin Thank you very much for posting the source, very helpful.

Just confirming - that is the source just for the main controller. Any chance the source for the display, or toolheads will be released?