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Hello, I don’t know if this is normal or not but I connected my printer to the WiFi for the first time this week (A250) and I like it much more then using the USB key.

However, I notice that in the bottom right side of the program I see the print status. It displays the time started and info sent to the printer but it does not show the time remaining. When printing via USB it shows you the time remaining and the print percentage. Is this something that will come to Luban? or should I just stick to USB printing. I did update my firmware to and I’m using windows 10 Pro x64 and the Luban 64bit 3.1.1 application for windows.

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If you transfer the file via Wifi, it shows you the same stuff as if you would use the USB drive. If you use the Wifi driect method (the USB cable should be the same I think) transfers the g-code orders one by one (or in small packages) and the printer itself doesn’t know how many lines are still remaining.

You can see in Luban the “sent / received” counter at the bottom right side of the workspace.


I see in the bottum right side of Luban no information of time, in fact I see no information there, only empty fields for sent, receive, start time, elapsed time, finish time and remaining time. I connect with WiFi.
I use firmware to and windows 10 Home x64 and the Luban 64bit 3.3.3. Who can help?

I have the same issue.
Did you find a solution?

Luban doesnt work in this regard, never has.

even on USB it doesnt work right.

it usually will show you sent and received time elapsed but the only time you get a time remaining is executing from the touch screen

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No sorry. I don’t use Luban at all anymore. I use Cura as a slicer and Octoprint for (remote) control.