Minimum operating temperature for Snapmaker Original?

I bought my Snapmaker original a few months ago, and have finally started using it regularly. Unfortunately right now I have the printer in my bedroom, and for longer prints that gets somewhat annoying. I was thinking of moving the printer down into my garage, but I live in Colorado, and my garge gets really cold during the winter. I have an Enclosure v1.1, but wasn’t sure if that was good enough to help. I was wondering if anyone had any data on if there are issues with trying to operate the printer in a cold environment? I don’t know how cold it gets in the garage, but we’ve had outside temperatures <-20C already this winter in Colorado.

Wouldn’t recommend it. Condensing humidity levels are bad (rust, electrical problems), although I understand Colorado is also dangerously low humidity, which can cause static buildup and fry sensitive electronics.

I don’t know what lubrication the bearings and lead screws are using, but they will have a minimum temp below which it won’t adequately lubricate.

Large temp swings aren’t good either, especially if you’ll be running a print for a long time.

Lubrication has been specified here:


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I can’t find a temperature range for that specifically, but it looks like PAOs are typically -60F to 320F, which would be acceptable here. That’s good.

I know what you mean about static discharge. I learned the hard way that a static discharge with the enclosure frame was enough to reset the connection between my laptop and the printer. I lost a 24hr print about 6hrs in that way… Now I’m paranoid about touching something metal like my window frame to ground myself before getting anywhere near the printer. Maybe it’s the printer’s way of telling me that when it comes to 3d printing, I have a lot of potential… :wink:

Upshot is, I think I’m going to try and find some other room in the house to put the printer, instead of the garage. I think your concerns about the temperature swings being an issue for print quality make a lot of sense.


LOL love it.

You could try one of the plug-in ground plugs. This and this and ground the frame.

Hmm… clever grounding idea. I may just have to try that.

I could also get an ESD mat to put under my desk chair. That could potentially help too…


-20C or -20F? -20C = -4F where as -20F = -28.9C. The later can be more of a problem for electronic components depending on the quality of the parts. (Retired NASA electronics engineer, where we often had to worry about low end operating temperatures)

I know I’m a little late to the game, but I just bought my own SnapMaker 2.0 and was asking the same questions. I found this from their website:

Operating Environment

To prolong the life of your Snapmaker and to reduce the risk of fire or mechanical failure, do not put the Snapmaker where it could experience:

● Extreme temperature or humidity

○ Storage: below 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 Celsius) or over 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48 Celsius)

○ Extreme humidity conditions (below 10% or more than 75%)

● Direct sunlight

● Rain, moisture, or liquids

● Excessive hair, dust, or small particles