Put the snapmaker outside?

Hello everyone,

I am planning to order the snapmaker when it will be available in Europe, but I am lacking space on the inside. I have a balcony in which I could put the snapmaker, but that’s the thing, is it fine for the machine to be outside all the time? Knowing that I am living in a quite cold and moist area, it rains very often and the winter can be around 0C.

Hence my question, would it be worth something putting it outside, probably with the enclosure. I am planning to use mostly the 3D+ laser engraving,and I am afraid that the outside temperature might affect the print quality.

Anyone have tried? I would be interested in hearing that

I don’t think it would be a good idea to keep the machine outside, even in the enclosure. Its not so much temperature but rain/moisture would affect the electronics very badly. Most filaments work very badly in damp conditions too, they absorb water and then become very difficult to print with.

I keep my v1 near a window, but don’t have an enclosure. I have noticed some issues with bed adhesion and print quality if the window is open and it’s cold outside (about 40ºF / 5ºC). I’ve been closing the window for the first couple of layers, then opening the window again. It seems to be more of a wind issue than a temperature issue.

I guess it depends on your balcony. I’ve had large balconies that stay dry near the building, and apartments that are poorly sealed enough that the humidity and cold gets inside. The enclosure isn’t designed to be water or air tight. If you’re comfortable leaving a computer there, the snapmaker should be fine too.