Where to place Snapmaker Pro

My husband just bought me a Snapmaker 2.0 A350. We are trying to decide where to set it up. I was thinking in a little room along side our garage because of the wood carving ability. I have seen some issues with 3D printing needing the environment to be stable. I am wondering about the operating temperatures for this equipment to function properly. Can you point me to where I can find that information?

There was some brief temp and humidity discussion in this thread: Minimum operating temperature for Snapmaker Original? - #2 by brent113

For 3D printing, wouldn’t recommend going much below a typical room temperature. If you can build an enclosure with a small heater in it that would be fine.

I would not be concerned with high temps unless you start going over 110, 120F.

I would recommend keeping ventilation top of mind. I have mine inside the house and for 3d printing, it’s ok. With laser engraving… that is a problem due to the smoke and toxic gases depending on the material. Noise is also a problem. I am now creating an enclosure to try and keep the noise down and containing the smell/gas as best I can.