miniature modelling print and build


I am exploring the options for buying a 3D printer / CNC / Laser cutter for mainly purposes of making new miniature modeling parts to build with.
Examples are, creating new buildings, walls with brickworks, furniture, you name it, I want to create it, print it and build with it, and mainly in scal H0 1:87.

So I am curious which of you guys already does this and can give me some answers in how this machine works in doing this.

Like which techniques you get best results with, 3D, CNC or laser cutting?

Or perhaps this machine does not excel in doing so in this line of field?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Hi, I have seen some miniature showcases made with Snapmaker in the facebook group. :wink: You can check them out here:

If you are not in the group, join it now:

I see quite a few items on Thingiverse when I search for “H0 1:87”. They all seem to be 3D prints, but maybe I didn’t scroll far enough.

Comparing other prints I’ve done on my Snapmaker to the things other people have posted, the Snapmaker in High Quality mode has a very nice print quality. I’m probably biased (because it’s my only printer), but I’m very happy with the results I’ve had so far.