Snapmaker Discord

Hey all!

I was thinking about creating a Snapmaker discord for all the users that are on this forum :slight_smile: It could be an easier way for us to chat with each other and offer help to newcomers :slight_smile:

So I made one :smiley:

I’m currently the only member, but we can all help it grow :smiley:

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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Ok, @X_Pilot
I signed up, what now?

Ok, so the steps are something like this:

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Yeah, you can download both a mobile and a desktop app. If you’d rather just use the web version of discord, that is also a possibility :slight_smile:


Snapmaker just joined the discord :smiley: This is awesome!

M3D is using Discord channels for customer and community support and it stinks IMO. Give me a good ol’ forum any day.

I suppose it comes down to personal preference :smiley: I only started the server in-case some people would like to voice chat about 3D printing or just casually talk :smiley:

I’m an introvert. One of the defining traits of an introvert is an aversion to talking on the phone. Voice chat is essentially the same thing. Also, in my experience, topics tend to get lost as people are carrying on different conversations at the same time.

Thank you. I do agree with you that it might get off topic. However, I think it is a great environment to meet fellow Snapmakers. I neevr used Discord until @X_Pilot created the server/channel. Apart from the Welcome page, I think people are really assisting and collaborating. Even if it is just on the direct messaging.
For me, it is a quick place to see who is online and ask if they experienced the same problem.
I’m not sure if Snapmaker will use this as official support but it is great to have a friend to call on. For Snapmaker I think it is a fine line when it comes to support. Often the issues or problems people raise are with their work and not necisarely an issue with Snapmaker.

That is true :smiley:

I consider myself an “extroverted” introvert. Basically, I just don’t like talking to people IRL haha. I’m fine with expressing myself over the internet (e.g. via Discord), but just won’t want to talk to people or meet people in real life.

Discord is simply a different form of digital communication which some people may prefer :slight_smile: It’s understandable if you dislike that form of communication as everybody has their own preference :slight_smile:


Oh yeah! I don’t know if this is anywhere else on this forum, but there’s a Thingiverse group that @kelvin8r kindly shared on the Discord :smiley:

Sorry if it’s been mentioned before :3