Alternative to forum


Sadly, the forum was locked for a few days. I think it could be a good idea to elaborate an alternative for non facebook users.

I have two ideas, but I don’t know to achieve this.
What’s about:

  • A discord
  • Mastodon

gently moderated by the most active forum users.

There is Snapmaker

In Germany we have a discord Server for snapmaker.

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Any explanation given on the forum suspension?

In Facebook they told that the Service Provider did it on mistake and Nobody recognized since both responsible are Out of Office… :man_shrugging:t3:

I sent them a message on Twitter and they responded that they were not aware of the lock-out and that “the forum was accidentally turned into read-only mode due to a misoperation of the service provider.” They responded right away (within 24 hours) so it seems that they are at least monitoring that site on a regular basis.

I read your post on twitter :smiley: Thanks for that!

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Personally, I hate Discord. It’s good for immediate conversation, but virtually worthless for research and anyone trying to follow past conversations. That’s a big benefit to be missing since the “experts” and people you really want to hear from are not always available at any given moment, so they might miss the discussion entirely. If there is something that works in a conversation style but keeps different conversations separate (kind of like this forum), I think that would be best.

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Outages do happen, but so far I’ve only seen this one. Maybe a cloned backup server might be the answer, but not sure if that would work.

What I would really like to see is the Facebook forum be replicated here in this forum.

I truly dislike being on Facebook and very rarely go into it. I only got an account for a very specific reason that no longer exists, but I keep the account alive anyway. I’m sure a few others also do not use Facebook.

If it matters, I do not do Facebook nor twitter. Personal objection to the majority of the stuff on each of those plus the avoidance of spill over crap by bandits. While I find good nuggets of help and information on the forum, if it dies, I will survive without resorting to either Facebook, twitter or YouTube. Thanks to all the experienced users that have taken their time to answer questions and post information. It has helped.

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direct contact with Snapmaker CS told me the forums were being “Upgraded”

But also, go to r/Snapmaker on reddit. Not too many members, but it can be very useful.