Meshmixer Settings?

I recently downloaded Meshmixer to try and edit some of my STLs, but when i go to create a custom profile for my A350, I don’t even know where to begin. Is there anybody that has successfully done this and could help me out?

I don’t bother with any specific settings for my SM.
I don’t bother to use it to slice. I just use it to check and manipulate the stl and then export as an stl again. I use Cura for slicing.


So, I’m not sure if I’m going to use it for slicing or not. My big thing is editing the files using it. I have a file that is too big for the printer, so I want to use meshmixer to modify it. I’m only looking for the settings to make sure it shows the workspace at the proper size, and I can use it for slicing if I decide to.

So just manually add your A350 and set the appropriate sizes.


When I try to add Snapmaker printer to Meshmixer, I have all the info except “Command line arguments”. What is that? It won’t add the printer with that field empty.

The issue seems to be that Ayala doesn’t know where to begin. In other words, there are printer properties that need to be added in order to create a custom printer profile. Your answer, “So just manually add your A350 and set the appropriate sizes”, doesn’t answer any questions. Why is this frustrating? Because I have the same question, and a helpful answer is preferable to your non-answer. These are the fields that must be completed:

Ayala, I believe these are the correct settings, however, your app path may be different?