Mechanical Planetarium

I saw this model on Thingiverse, and wanted to try it as a “big” print job. (Mechanical Planetarium by Zippitybamba - Thingiverse). Seems to have turned out pretty well:

A couple of things I learned along the way:
-Elephant foot is a huge problem for anything mechanical. I ended up re-printing some of the gears using a raft, and got much better results. Didn’t need it for all of them, but a few that were particularly bad.
-In a couple of cases, tolerances in the original model were really tight, but a drill, a dremel, and some sandpaper fixed that.
-I really appreciate the build volume of the A350. I think I managed to do all the gears in 3 batches, and all the planet/idler arms in one by using the whole surface area.

Still need to paint the planets, but overall I think it was a success. Took about a week off and on of printing.