Maximum height of an object you could laser on

What is the maximum height of an object you could laser on. I don’t mean cutting, just vector or gray scale. I have a block of 87 mm and it is failing on distance calculation and when I try to engrave by setting height manually it is totally off the laser starts beside the object. When I try it on 36 mm, I have no issues at all. Can’t it handle 87 mm height? Is there a chance someone could try this as well and let me know if you see the same behavior? PLEASE

Here is what I tried Snapmaker Original/2.0 Owners | Facebook Thank you to anyone assisting.

Snapmaker A350 with 10 watt laser

Cant open your link.
It is possible to engrave on a taller object manually.
This means you cant use the autofocus and have to focus the laser manually.

The auto-focus on the 10W laser works only up to 50mm, otherwise you have to manually focus the laser. Your best bet is to send the project to the machine and use the ‘manual’ method, where you lower the laser to the surface of the object instead of inputting the height.