Mattercontrol for Snapmaker

Has anybody tested out to use Mattercontrol V.2 with Snapmaker 2.0?
The sofware supports only 3D printing but would have the capability to design, slice and print from the same program. Any experience and comments?

I am planning on working on this. If the fan controls settings for mattercontrol work on the Snapmaker it could be an immense upgrade since it calculates fan power changes line by line (slows speed, increase fan, for example, for bridging areas).

I think the best way is going to be to use the Cura profile to copy settings over and then refine after that.

MatterControl just gave new life to my delta printer and these new benchies are the best ones I’ve ever printed, except for the stringing. I have high hopes for it’s leveling tools, as well.

Edit: I probably can’t work on it for a few weeks, too many projects backed up, right now, though.