Mashed the sh!te out of my Laser

Learning LightBurn and how it affects the machine the hard way. I mashed the laser HARD into the plate. Nothing broke but it pushed the plate down quite a bit. Laser and movement works fine actually.

Did I just make it impossible to autolevel later when I want to 3D printing later on?

If so, I guess I need a replacement. Should be fun…

Doubt it, should be fine. Might wiggle the toolhead and bed make sure nothing loosened up.

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I mash my workbed on the regular due to being a fool, so far so good.


100% being an idiot. I panicked the first time i did it and hit the 10 mm Y jog instead of z and gouged the shite out of my plate. Laser doesn’t seem to care one bit but that sound haunts my soul


You’ll learn to love it :stuck_out_tongue: