Maker's Muse 2018 Easter Egg Torture Test on the Snapmaker

First try of the Maker’s Muse 2018 Easter Egg Torture Test. This printer is simply amazing.


  • 0.2mm layer height (although he recommended 0.15mm)
  • no supports
  • sliced using Simplify3D (@doug, you are right about this; thanks for the recommend)
  • needed a little bit of coaxing at one point between middle and innermost layer.

Hi @kelvin8r

Your print looks amazing, well done. My help is that of a newbie, desperate to learn and sharing whatever I do so as to reduce the pain for others who are learning. There is a good quorum of users in this forum that are positive and either experienced or talented or just willing to have a go and we are all benefiting for the sharing. In some cases I am only one step ahead of helping some of the other newbies as I keep learning.

Needless to say I think we are all enjoying this art-form and we will all improve with it as time goes on.

Have a great week


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It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or veteran in the field. We all stand to gain from one other as long as we keep sharing. And there’s not shortage of such people in this community.

Keep pushing the envelope! :+1:

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