Lubrication or Maintenance?

I’ve been printing a LOT of the medical masks - and my A350 now squeaks now and then. Not always, just on some long move (I think).
Is there something I can do about this?

I made a short recording of the A350 running, you can hear the squeak right near the (314.9 KB)

At the end of your file its scary. Which speed did you run the travel move?
Normally there could not be a maintenance at this time, i run my snapmaker1 for 2years without additional lubrication and print nearly every day a few hours.

I would search for loose screws. (maybe under the dustprevention slider, in the profile, don´t know…)
Additional i would send the file+description to the support!

Not sure if the steel strip is loosened or the bracket inside is off.
Please refer to these two videos to tighten up the strip or check the bracket.

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All my Rest Brackets seem to be in place.
I tried tightening the steel straps - though they appeared slightly looser than before I did the tightening.