Linear rails maintenance and life span

I was hoping someone could tell me any type of maintenance they recommend on the linear rails and what kind of life expectancy can I get out of them with light use. Basically 1 and a half weeks out of the month I use the machine every day. I have an A350T and am just wondering if I should buy a 2nd set if or when they go on sale. Thanks guys

It really depends on what kind of load your machine receives. Speed, type of operation, temperatures.
People report here 2years with no issues at all. But then again, at what load :slight_smile:
There are maintenance guides posted by snapmaker at their website. As with every machine, regular maintenance and inspections will help prolong the lifespan drastically.
You can buy the linear guide if you write an email to support. They are for sale.

That’s a bit more often than I use my Original. I use it probably 1-2 days per month, only 3DP so far. I got mine in 2018, and haven’t done any maintenance. I do have to occasionally retighten the build plate thumbscrews and recalibrate, but that’s it. Early on, I did have problems with my build plate getting dusty, which caused some adhesion problems (no enclosure). Now I keep it covered when not in use, and I haven’t cleaned it since I replaced the sticker a year ago (that was my fault, I gouged the sticker and bed getting a print loose).

Note that the Original’s linear modules are open; they don’t have the dust cover. I can see the thread screws, and have dropped thing into the Y axis that I had to retrieve before being able to print.

The CNC is probably the hardest on the linear rails, since it gets some resistance from movement that the laser and 3DP head don’t have. So depending on which combo of tools you use, you mileage will vary.

According to a previous employee, you can lube the linear modules. Here’s his replay in a previous discussion: How to maintain the snapmaker in perfect condition? - #5 by Edwin . The whole discussion has a lot of good advice.

TIL there’s a wiki, which has some maintenance info: Maintenance of Artisan | Snapmaker Wiki

Although I don’t see anything there about what Edwin posted.

I use mine about 3-4 hours (on average) every day for 2 years now. Never done any maintenance on it. Does it print as good as day one… no. But it’s still pretty decent. I too was thinking of getting a set of the new linear motors, and doing a complete upgrade. But I’ll leave that until there’s a complete breakdown. I have a couple spares of the originals on hand just in case.

I have noticed mine making some more noise with the vibration cancelling firmware when I crank up the print speed. Machine in use most days, A350T, 3DP and Laser, not really got upto speed with CNC

I got my A350T half a year ago and from time to time I think that the linear modules do make some strange noises. I’m not really using the Snapmaker that much because I only have access to it at the weekends. While printing for example surfaces there are the typical clicks when it changes the direction but on the straigt line there are some slight sounds as well. Since I have no comparison to the A350 I think the printer isn’t that quit. Moreover during faster z-moves there are some vibrations that I can hear. Is that normal or is it just my printer? I could provide a video for comparison.

Moreover the x-axis gets quit hot during printing and start making these sounds… (I can not say for sure that it is the x-axis)

I guess its a resonance sound, does it disappear if you print faster?

Thanks for the fast response. It indeed changes or disappears at different speeds but it also helps to turn on the enclosure fan. The x-axis nearly gets to hot to touch but the fan isn’t really a solution because I keep getting problems with warping. Do you also have resonance sounds? I definetly have some during faster z-movements.

Yea I just started noticing what I figured were resonant sounds as well… esp on faster prints, seemingly especially when changing directions quickly, it sounds like something is getting jerked around, and I kept thinking the nozzle was dragging across the filament so I have actually been increasing the z-offset by 0.10-0.30mm just to be sure.

I have been wondering about linear rail maintenance too, I think I’ll track down the “linear guide” from support

Maybe this helps you further:

There is a lot to read if you search for resonance.

There are a few people who cooled the x axis stepper by a little heats ink.