Luban workspace goes blank white screen

I followed the direction in another post and I still have the same issue - the 3D print workspace just goes blank screen.

So if I am in the 3d module, I generate a g-code, then I hit “export to workspace”, it looks like it will work, shows the connection screen, then just blank screen. Does the same in the ‘show in browser’ version.
I just downloaded Version 4.3.0.

Hello, I have the same Problem with Windows 11 and MAC.
I have install on 2 PC’s and one Mac. All have the same Problem.

Having the same issue with 4.3.0

Having the same isse with 4.3.0
But it only happens when the printer is connected (by wifi)

an upgrade to the latest firmware solved the problem

Thank you so much for your update - I am going to try and update the firmware now, but it told ne “failed” yesterday…

Thank you! This solved my mysterious “white screen” problem.

Updating the firmware worked on my new A350.