Luban Crash after connecting to workspace via WiFi

after updating to 4.3.0 I have had an issue anytime I connect to the snapmaker to send a print via WiFi. Luban just presents a white page. I have tried multiple PCs wiht the same result. I have preformed a factor reset on the snapmaker and a home network reboot.

There seem to be multiple people having issues like this with 4.3.0:

Upgrading your firmware may help. If that doesn’t do it, roll back to an older version of Luban for the time being.

this also happened to me. Downgrading to 4.2.3 worked as suggested. Thanks

Ditto, same issue. Frustrating that something as seemingly basic as this throws a catastrophic error. Rolling back.

I can confirm that, at least on my new A350, updating the firmware resolved the issue.
Pretty frustrating out of the box experience.