Luban V4.9.0 Known Issues & Solutions

I thought I did but clearly not. Thanks!!

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Same thing is happening to me. Then when I downgraded to 4.8.1 no filament is coming out. Any fixes would be greatly appreciated.

Is it just me or does this machine freaking suck now I thought they were gonna be concentrating on just three and one printers now they’re making a laser separate with a 3-D printer now on it’s own they’re gonna probably make a CNC separate to why can’t they just make software for each machine and you download it? Why do we have to have it all mixed up in one freaking software they are messing up the hole point of getting a 3 in one they are getting greedy messing up the whole freaking shebang we can’t go backwards on the software because it messes up they put bugs in that too, so we can’t downgrade And it’s like we’re fixing it doing their job for them on the forum and they’re making all the money crazy I can’t sale my printers nobody wants to buy them because they know the problems and nobody wants it because it’s an old machine so what do I do with these two machines the I have the original and the A350 and I got the rotary enclosure everything I got the whole shebang for both I remember when it was basically simple now this stuff is like so messed up and they’re probably having problems with their companies probably having problems with the inner circle greed will do that to you. Can’t fix anything with greed. can’t fix it

Was a double post: Luban V4.9.0 Known Issues & Solutions - #44 by SpIdEr

I estimate it with the cm travelled and the time consumed. I found out that the toolhead travels not with jog speed, but with work speed.

Can’t connect with latest release (the machine is not ready). Downgraded to 4.8.2 and it’s working again.

SM Original, win 11, driver installed. Don’t know what FW, and can’t easily find any info on upgrading either…

FW was 2.8, updated to 2.11 now. Will test latest release.

FW 2.11 does not work with Luban 4.10.1

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I just want an instruction manual!
Two weeks after assembly and all I’ve made is a 3d boat. I still can’t get the laser or cnc to talk to Luban…you wrote the code…can’t you give us an”how to” on paper?

I had the same issue, it is a Bug in Luban and I was told by support it will be fixed in the next update of Luban