Luban V4.5 Beta.8 Supporting J1 Is Available for Downloading

Update Jan 19

Luban v4.5 has been officially released now! Come and download! :blush:

Hi Makers,

Luban v4.5 beta.8, which supports J1, is available for downloading now. Let’s try slicing on Luban and printing with J1! :star_struck:

Important Note:

This beta version is only for J1 users. We don’t recommend that 2.0 or Original users update to this version until the official v4.5 version is released.

Expecting your feedback.


  • Verison: Luban v4.5 beta.8

Download :arrow_down:

Notes for Operating System

  • Not supported on Mac OS 10.13 & 10.14

What’s shipping :star2:

  • Slicing engine update: From Curaengine 4.8 to Curaengine 5.2. Add variable line width and overhang speed reduction features. Add Lightning filling type (ultra-low density filling, suitable for figures that do not need strength), top and bottom filling increase Monotonic method (top and bottom quality)

  • Print Mode: Allows to directly set one of IDEX’s four printing modes (default mode, backup mode, copy mode, mirror mode), and will be automatically selected on the screen according to the mode selected here, without manual selection by the user. Need to use with firmware J1 v2.2.12(dev-ing)

  • Wi-fi Online printing: J1 machines can be discovered and connected via Wifi. And send the Gcode to the J1 machine through the network to start printing.

  • Two-material independent printing configuration: Different printing configuration parameters (mainly printing line width and printing speed) can be set separately for the left and right extruders. When printing two materials with a large difference in printing speed (such as PLA+TPU/PLA+Support) or using two Useful when using different diameter nozzles. Using different “material profiles” (print temperature, retraction, etc.) for the two extruders can also be set in Select Material.

  • Material Configuration & Printing Configuration Update: Imported basic PLA, Breakaway, ABS, PETG, TPU, PVA material configurations. Three printing configurations of Normal Print, Fast Print and Smooth Surface are imported.
  • Slicing Settings UI & UX optimization: Right column section separates left and right extruder configurations. Support and adhesion will use the corresponding extruder settings. However, it should be noted that the layer thickness and model structure can only be modified by the left extruder (this provides some convenience for the two-color printing configuration to some extent, but also loses some degree of freedom. TODO: We will enable the right extruder to be able to adjust these settings).

  • J1 Seamless print heads switching: Slicing and firmware use the M2000 S200 to allow J1 active and inactive print heads move simultaneously.

Improvement :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Add a dual-color built-in model: Gimbal

  • Optimize oozing problem: machine_min_cool_heat_time_window → 5s

Fix :hammer_and_wrench:

  • Fixed bugs when creating a new profile or copying a profile

  • 3DP non-proportional scaling crashes

Known issue :warning:

  1. If you have an older version of Luban installed, please backup your data. The old and new versions currently have certain compatibility issues.

  2. Model boundary constraints are not particularly precise.

  3. Manual connection: Devices on different network segments cannot be connected.

  4. Issues associated with machine firmware

  • The workflow of J1 connection is not optimal, such as the problem of inconsistent models popover.
  • When Luban exits abnormally, the screen will not think the connection is disconnected, and Luban cannot be connected again (this will be fixed by the screen firmware)
  • Luban Print mode cannot display the corresponding mode when Gcode information is displayed on the screen (This will be fixed by the screen firmware)

Next :arrow_forward:

  1. Fix J1 connection issue

  2. Optimize Prime Tower setting experience

  3. Optimize some small user experience problems

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Is there a way to edit tree supports? I’m mainly trying to exclude an area with small bumps that the slicer is treating as overhangs. I’m able to do so with regular supports, but tree supports are so much better.

Luban currently doesn’t support manually editing tree supports, but maybe you could try adjusting these parameters to avoid generating supports to that area.

Transfering files via WLAN: Names doesn’t transfer to the snapmaker J1. It’s a little bit difficult to see which version was the best when transfering more than one version of a file.

Is it possible to colorize Modells in Luban? Paint somthing that should be printed with extruder 1 and something with extruder 2?

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+1 to names on the touchscreen. Or really anything to help identify the differences in the models.

is it possible to integrate a dark mode in the luban?

Hi mmeidl78,

Transferring files via WLAN: this will be solved in future releases. BTW, if you start job on Luban, the file name remains unchanged on the Touchscreen.
Colorizing models: Once you set differently colored filaments for the two extruders (by clicking the top-right corner of the G-code generator, as in the pic), their printing model parts will be shown in corresponding colors.


Thanks for your feedback!

Hi naPS, this will be solved in future releases. Thanks for your feedback!

We’ll consider it in future releases. Thanks for your feedback! :blush:


If I set Luban Beta to duplication and then auto align, Luban just hangs and shows a white screen.

Hi i3sven, by “auto align” do you mean “auto arrange”? And could you please provide the G-code file via message to better help we find out the problem?




Got it and sent it to our R&D team. Will reply to you if there’s any update.

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I’m using the beta and have a few questions. 1:is it normal to take a very long time, 15+ minutes to slice 1 file in single extruder mode? mirror mode has taken a very long time as well.

2: it was previously asked but wasn’t answered directly, is there a way through Luban to either separate parts for dual color printing on a single model or is there a way to paint via Luban what we want in color 2?

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Hello all,

I’m struggling to get the fan speed dialed in on Luban 4.5 for J1. I’m printing ASA and want the fans turned off during the entire print. I set the fan speed on the material and slicer settings to 0% but the fans turn on to 100% after the first layer. What am I doing wrong?

Hi illohminati,

  1. In the current beta version, slow slicing is a known issue and we will try to make improvements in the official version. Will the model be sliced successfully in the end, after a long-time slicing process? There are differences between slow slicing and failed slicing.

  2. Sorry I seem to mistaken your question before… No, Luban currently does not support dual color painting on a single model. But I’ve passed this message to our R&D team. :wink:

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Hi i3sven, the problem didn’t reoccur in our tests. Could you please tell us your computer configuration and the OS information? And could you try to reproduce the problem and send us the Console recording (as shown in the pic)?

I haven’t had a successful slice yet in anything other than mirror mode and duplicate mode. I’ve waited over 30 minutes the last time then had to force close Luban. I’ve stopped using Luban beta, it’s pretty unusable currently especially because I have 2 2.0s that need to use it and when i have Luban beta installed i can’t use regular Luban. I’m having far more troubles with the j1 so Luban is the las of my worries currently. Thank you for the reply