Luban Multiple Processes in one Project

Hi There

I want to print a christmas tree like this: EZ Print Christmas Tree by SynJa - Thingiverse
For this I need to use different print settings in one project. With simplify3D I had the possibility to use multiple processe for this but I dont find something similar in Luban.

Is there a function like this or should I open a request?

Thanks in advantage.

I would suggest to use cura or simplify 3d for this special case.

If you like to see processes in Luban you could generate a request.

In this christmastree case, there are two models, so it could work like a dual color print which has two processes, there is no need for more, I guess?

Okay thanks. I don’t have the dual extruder module, how can I set dual color mode then?

I guess you have to choose the dual extruder in the machine settings.
This will affect the available build size.