Dual Head Printing Module

I am thinking of getting the new dual head module to make objects in two different colors. Does anyone have experience with this? Do I need to create two different models, one for each color and then super impose them in Luban? Or is there a simpler or preferred way. I create all my own models

From what I understand, you just have to put a change in the g-code to switch to the new color at the level you want it at.

I had the same question and looked around a bit on the internet to prepare myself for the day the module arrives. The standard concept seems to be: You have two STL files, one for each color, and the slicers help you to align them. You assign an extruder to each model, done.

You may need to take care of nozzle oozing:

However, before I’d use an oozing shell, I’d first try retraction.

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I think it will be easier than that, they have changed Luban so it can now handle the 3MF standard so you should be able to just paint the parts a different color and say which extruder you want to use.

3MF is now the standard file format for 3D models. It is supported by software from Microsoft, Ultimaker, Prusa, Autodesk, and others. STL is less efficient and more error prone than 3MF. 3MF includes additional information, including color information that is important.

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