Luban Laser Workspace is showing inexistant engraving dots

Hi Guys

After generating a Toolpath “dot-filled Engraving” the preview in the “Process” Tab looks good. But after transferring it to the Workspace some additional Dots appear. When lasering it on the A350 with the 1600mW Laser, these dots get blue in Luban, but the Laser doesn’t engrave.
So basically the results are fine, but its really irritating, not knowing what’s going to be lasered and what not…
Did someone face the same problem?

Is it something in the source file? some images have embedded water marks

Hi WELewis,

Thanks for the thoughts!

I can’t imagine in this case; I snipped the picture out of an emal signature with pure white background.

I’m aware of the fact, that depending on the greyscale “rendering” settings, some “dirt” appears. (Its maybe the case in the bottom right of the letter G, upper picture)

Luban adds the dots while transferring to the workspace :-S