Bugfixes in Snapmaker Luban 3.9.0

Hi all, the following two features will be added in the next Snapmaker Luban update.

-support for Multi-model for 3D printing
-system font support in Editor

Also we will fix the notorious “99% completion” bug.


thanks for the update, i hope the wifi authentication improvements happen soon too. :slight_smile:

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  1. Might I suggest that following a firmware completion, prior to deployment, someone runs an actual print, even a small one, to make sure all is working ok?

  2. Can you maybe publish one complete set of LUBAN settings for say a sample 2 cm x 2 cm cube in normal mode so that everyone who gets his machine can use this as a reference point? It would surely assist in troubleshooting too because one could send photos back to snapmaker team and they would be able to suggest simple changes. Call it a BASE CALIBRATION CUBE perhaps? This request is being made in the context of someone who has been trying to get a decent print on the A350 since April 2020. Yes I have done E-steps, played about with temperature, Z offset, slowed down and speeded up, tried with and without Z hop, Retraction, etc etc.

  3. Can we please one day have a feature where we do not need to touch the touchscreen to confirm WIFI connectivity, similar to the concept of “pairing” in bluetooth?

  4. Do you have any data on how the use of the enclosure effects bed or nozzle temperature or how it might effect the material itself, given that the temperature inside the enclosure rises significantly especially after hours of printing?



The customized printer settings disappear when you restart Luban. It still works in the 3.7 version on the same computer. Picture shows 3.7 version. In the 3.8 I can save but it doesn’t load it to the profile menu.


Hi @JohnFiott , thanks for the feedback. We do run tests before we release any firmware or software updates. The “99% completion” bug has caught our attention and our software team will improve their testing methods.
2. I have noted this feedback and will forward this to our team. A solid suggestion and seems very useful for Snapmaker users :slight_smile:
3. Have forwarded this feedback already. I will let you know of our progress.
4. Yes, we tested how the temperature inside the enclosure affect the printing material, and it is recommended to turn on the fan that comes with the enclosure and there will be no problems.

Thank you for your input :+1:t2:


Hi @reutmanx , this will be fixed in 3.9.0 as well :grinning:


Confirming WIFI connectivity is so fucking dumb right now.

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Thank you. I second this. I just upgraded from 3.5 to 3.8 and noticed this right away. Guess I’ll go back to 3.5 again as this is a critical feature for me.

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Also seconding this… it’s pretty annoying to have to enter values each time…

  1. There seems to be an issue with the svg import in Laser and CNC Module: Whenever I import a SVG file and hit Process it is scaled up to an incredible huge dimension.

  2. Another issue (which should be fixable easier) is that when you place a text in Laser or CNC Module and you want to change the first letter of the text. After removing or adding just one single letter at the beginning the coursor automatically jumps to the end of the text.

  3. The Laser overshoots every single time the 100% on the touchscreen. (But this might not be a luban bug)

I have to say that wifi support is pretty much useless at this point. Laser, disconnects when doing a camera capture. Download a gcode file and start the job, disconnects. 3D printing, download a large file, hangs. And of course that massively annoying confirmation screen. I’ve tried with my A250 10 feet from the router, 30 feet from the router, no difference. I’m using luban 3.8.0 and firmware V1.10.1. While the hardware is great, clearly they need to spend more time on the software/firmware.