Luban ignore holes

Hi, I don’t know if the issue comes from the latest Luban version or from my STL file, but it seems to ignore my model’s holes and covers them without any possibility to specify any theshold.

Do you guys ever had this issues ?

Unusual unless they’re very small holes (like, smaller than the nozzle opening). Have you tried slicing this model with something else, like Cura? If that works, then the problem is Luban.

Tried to reproduce your results with a similar model, without success

The three parameters in the figure below may lead to a similar effect, but their minimum value is -1. It would be helpful if you could provide your model

Can you upload your model (or link to it)?

Thanks for your replies,
I created my model using sketchup and did not slice it with anything but Luban.
It seems there is definitely an issue with it as I cannot save the snap3dp project, the final file weights 1Kb and does not display anything.

Here it is: Arm PiCam.stl (186.7 KB)