Luban generates a strange non-optimal position and waits there

In some shapes, the luban generates a non-optimal position. The head moves to this position and waits there. This extends the printing
connector v3.stl (21.6 KB)
process. Is this issue known?

This is normal, it is a setting in the slicer known as “Minimum Layer Time,” which can be found under Material Settings. The default is 10 seconds; if the layer takes less time than this to print, the print head moves to the side and parks until the remainder of that time has passed in order for the filament to solidify before placing another layer on top of it. The setting can be changed, but you must be on the lookout for adverse affects in doing so.

As @mxbrnr said, it’s a feature. If you do attempt to change it, watch out for print quality changes. This is done to ensure that the printed layer has sufficient time to cool before the next layer prints.

If you’re planning to print a lot of that part, try two at the same time. The movement and printing of the second part counts towards the 10sec time, so you might be able to print two for only a small increase in print time. Just add the model to Luban twice, and see what the time estimate is. In Cura, I can print one in 4 minutes, two in 4 minutes, and three in 5 minutes (0.2mm layer height).

Thank you for your reply.
I’m glad it’s a feature.

I compared it to Cura, and it wasn’t there. That’s why I was surprised.

I had a bad experience with bugs in Luban before. The laser hit the table due to an error and was destroyed.

That’s why I asked here.

Cura has the feature too, but I think it’s default time setting is less, it’s turned off, or it’s just not showing the travel moves. Luban is closely based on Cura, so nearly any setting in Luban you will also find in Cura, though sometimes with different defaults.