Luban doesn't make a complete wall?


As you can see in this picture, the ridge on top is “yellow and green”. When printed, the whole thing looks fine except there, where it looks very raw with no finition on top. I tried many combination, surface mode, and even an extremely small layer height, a thick or thin wall tickness - nothing does it. Any clue what am I doing wrong?

I decided to print in this direction for the layers direction for painting afterwards. I did try printed upright, it works but I had several fails when the part detach from the base when it’s printing the higher levels.export_binary.stl (126.4 KB)

I think you’re going to have a terrible time printing in that direction without supports.
Use a raft and turn on z-hop and print upright.


What kind of issues with the texture are you having?

The slicer looks like it’s doing the right thing (this is rendered using “High Quality”).

Any gentle slope like that is going to look like stair steps due to the XYZ nature of current slicing. It should look like terraced mountain field, with flat spots following the curves and contours of the piece.

You’ll probably want to sand that smooth. To get rid of the stair stepping, you’ll want to remove at least as much material as your layer height, possibly more. So I’d probably add 2x your layer height to the Shell, Top Thickness.