Luban and auto-connect while printing

Hi there (here),
At the moment I see the following (annoying) behavior of Luban (4.4.0 on Mac Pro M1, Ventura 13.1). When I want to slice an STL and send it to my printer, while it is already printing something, it wants to home the head and ‘reset’ the printer. This cancels my print and starts it from 0%… Very annoying and not very useful.
Now, what I do to bypass this, is to slice my 3D print and let is store/export to gcode and when my printer is done, I will upload it, BUT it would be sooooo nice to not reset and just upload the file.
I can’t imaging the Android control-unit is too busy it cannot handle this file transfer along the printing.
Did anyone else see this behavior as well?

Yes this is kind of normal because it seems Luban should get the master host to print from instead of the touchscreen.

If you simply do not abort your print and ignore warnings about disconnect, and disconnect in luban the print would go to pause position and you could return on the touchscreen.
But not sure, its a long time i have tested this and not tested with actual luban version.

Nothing to do with Luban. It’s a firmware bug. You use to be able to send a file to the SM while it was printing, but the last couple fw updates broke that.

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