Luban G-code not complete or Luban messed up?

Been having this issue on very long prints. Seems the gcode is not being generated for the full print. Look at screen shot below, this is 20 hour print, but in 5 minutes im already a good percentage done and the gcode line count is not correct. After letting print the printer will stop mid print. Anyone else experiencing this?

What happens if you disconnect from Luban? - Don’t worry, it keeps printing on the touchscreen if your firmware and Luban is up to date.

That’s inaccurate. Luban and firmware are, for the most part, independent of each other. I’m using very old Luban and latest firmware, and they work fine together. Luban can even connect to a job executed from the touchscreen. FYI, my Luban doesn’t even have settings for bracing or quick connect (which I have installed), and it all works just fine.

I haven’t verified which old version of Luban works but I know that the actual works.
So, why simply let it stand and bring some new ideas?

Why imply that you need the latest versions of both to make it work?!

In the OP case, it’s logical to try another slicer before jumping to any conclusions. Or perhaps it’s a bad model.

The context was, if you want to disconnect while printing from Luban it’s possible, at least with the latest version.

With ALL versions you ******.

No, in the beginning it was not possible to disconnect while printing, it was like printing over serial, over and out after disconnecting. I will not verify but this was case year’s ago, so why not suggest to use the latest software so there should be no old known bugs?

@snapUser Are you ok bro? :face_with_monocle: