Luban 4.9.1: J1 stuck in Preheating after Win10 hybernate (Luban connected)

Hello everybody,

not sure this issue has already been seen / experienced / reported by somebody else here (in earlier versions), so i will try ot explain the situation as good as possible.

Put my computer to hybernate yesterday evening with Luban running and connected - did finish a print job and showed 99% of progress. J1 was switched off over night.

Restarting everything (PC + J1) this moring showed Luban still connected to the printer ( - okay, maybe there’s a auto-reconnect? - ) Sliced a file, exported to workspace and hit “Send to Device” - file transfer box displayed… but no progress… (- okay no auto-reconnect… - ) Closed everything after ~2min and hit “disconnect” without any success - Luban stuck…

Okay - restarted Luban, sliced the file, exported to workspace, connected to J1 (did work now) and sent the file - seems to be working… file transferred.

So far so good :+1:

Then: Start the print in Luban to get my file printed… heading to the coffee machine and returned approx. 10min later.

J1 stuck in preheating :astonished:

  • no progress on print
  • no movement
  • no further activity!

Okay - Cancelled the print, select transferred file from local storage and hit “print” again…
Similar issue:

  • no preheating
  • no progress
  • no movement
  • literaly nothing…

Just stuck at 0% and that’s it…

Fix by now: restart J1…