Luban 4.0.1 not generating G-code

I downloaded the new version. When I try to generate a G-code for cnc it gets stuck and does not advance past 5%.

When I try to generate a G-code for laser it gets stuck and does not advance past 10%.

I was able to generate a G-code for 3D.

I am fairly new to using Snapmaker, but all the functions were working fine yesterday (before upgrading software)

I download the 4.0.0 was trying to generate the tool path for the CNC but it was stuck while clicking the generate tool path button. Than I saw today that 4.0.1 was released so I investigated the matter again still the same problem.

Platform: Linux Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS so maybe its related only to Linux?

I also tried version 3.15.2 there it works without any problems.

I am also having issues after I updated to 14.0.1. I generated the GCODE for 3d printing and sent it to the machine. Though now the Y axis are not moving to zero position. Although the command is being triggered this is not moving back. I have posted videos and what i think of in this link on facebook.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have a deadline for some work that I need to deliver

Finally I got it to work. The issue was relating to the limit switch on the Y axis. They were all filled up with wood remaining that passed when I worked with the CNC. I cleared up all the axis, tidied them up and to get it to work I swapped the head to CNC and then back to the printer and it then worked fine.

It had to have some normal maintenance and cleaning. Thanks