Luban 4.0.1 not generating G-code

I downloaded the new version. When I try to generate a G-code for cnc it gets stuck and does not advance past 5%.

When I try to generate a G-code for laser it gets stuck and does not advance past 10%.

I was able to generate a G-code for 3D.

I am fairly new to using Snapmaker, but all the functions were working fine yesterday (before upgrading software)

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I download the 4.0.0 was trying to generate the tool path for the CNC but it was stuck while clicking the generate tool path button. Than I saw today that 4.0.1 was released so I investigated the matter again still the same problem.

Platform: Linux Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS so maybe its related only to Linux?

I also tried version 3.15.2 there it works without any problems.

I am also having issues after I updated to 14.0.1. I generated the GCODE for 3d printing and sent it to the machine. Though now the Y axis are not moving to zero position. Although the command is being triggered this is not moving back. I have posted videos and what i think of in this link on facebook.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have a deadline for some work that I need to deliver

Finally I got it to work. The issue was relating to the limit switch on the Y axis. They were all filled up with wood remaining that passed when I worked with the CNC. I cleared up all the axis, tidied them up and to get it to work I swapped the head to CNC and then back to the printer and it then worked fine.

It had to have some normal maintenance and cleaning. Thanks

Just started using Snapmaker and running into same issue on 4.0.1 and 4.0.3. Did you ever get a resolution?

I am having the same issue. I’m trying to create a test grid to try and determine the best laser setting to use. My problem is when I go to try and create the gcode it freezes. I think Luban is having trouble working through all the toolpaths. There are 145 toolpaths for my project. Sometimes it freezes while generating the code other times it will “finish” the code generation part and create the preview but it won’t let me export the gcode. When I click the Export button both options are disabled/grayed out.

Same issue here on 4.0.3. Generating a toolpath for a greyscale laser burn and it stickst at 10%. Task Manager shows no CPU activity. Anyone find a fix yet?

Use 3.14.0?
Unless you’re using rotary module…

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I just keep trying each new version, still no fix. I then delete Luban and reinstall version 3.15.2, that was the last version to work for me.

I wonder how to get this issue in front of the software build team?

Works like a charm. Good call, thank you!

I’m glad it worked for you. I have an email in to support to see if they can fix the problem. I was going to buy the rotary module but I’m holding off until I can get a new version of the software that works.

Same issue here with Luban 4.0.3 and A350 2.0. Stuck at 5%.
I now have to rebuild the job. This is by far the most unstable software on my workstation. I “saved” the jobs when it was locked in that 5% state and they are totally corrupted. I can open an older project and when I choose to open the newest project, the software closes the current project and reopens the older project that was just there.

Just to add to this in case they track how many people respond, I have the same issue. Also on Ubuntu, so maybe it is related to Linux?

I’m on Luban 4.0.1. I’ll try upgrading, but it seems others haven’t had luck with newer versions either.

I have been e-mailing Snapmaker, they sent me a link to the beta for 4.1.2 a few days ago and it seems to fix the problems, I have been experimenting with it and was going to post the link once I was sure it fixed the issues. Just yesterday the full version of 4.1.2 was released. I have been using it for the last two days on the CNC and Laser. It seems to solve the issue.

Thanks, that worked for me. They seem to have fixed the issue in the latest update.