Luban 3.9 its the last working version on my PC

Hi everybody,

The last version that runs on my windows 10 EliteBook 8560W its verson 3.9.
Ones any version of luban 4.0 and above installed, when starting software: its stays on a white screen after the “luban starring animation”.

Can anybody help?


Have you tried fully uninstalling Luban 3 before installing Luban 4? Be sure to write down or backup any custom machine profiles you have saved in Luban 3. As I recall, Luban 4 will NOT automatically transfer them over.

Yes fully uninstalled. before installing any 4 version.
I think its when GUI comes on that the app freezes, the only to stop it its to kill it in task manager

I assume you have also restarted the computer after doing the new install of v4 before opening it?

Haven’t heard of this happening in a while, but a ways back the solve was to find all the hidden preferences files that sometimes an uninstall skips and delete them manually.
Not sure where those are on a pc.


Issue #10
Rename/remove the folders for clean install.

I test with all that I remembered: renamed folder, outside program files folder, direct in c:
is there a log at startup to check when it hangs?