Loading the 3D print head on v2


The instructions in the new Snapmaker 2 manual do not adequately address how to load the filament and specifically do not talk about what that little latch is supposed to do.

Mine arrived with the little latch in the open position but with what i discovered later was the filament roller cam nearly closed.

So I loaded filament following the instructions in the manual and pushed it through a bit because it didn’t seem to be extruding properly. and then tried a test piece.

Well you can imagine. Nothing came out. So I stopped the print. Took a closer look and realized that the little button was to secure the filament roller cam under tension so it would feed properly. So I reloaded the filament again just to make sure and then made sure the little latch was locked.

Naturally I thought I’d missed something in the manual and had a look. Nope. That button, the filament roller and cam…no mention in the manual. Not even a callout on the pictures.

So for anybody else out there who’s used to loading filament on the Snapmaker original. The 2.0 is easier once you know about the little latch and the roller cam. Just open it, thread the filament in and line it up with the nozzle input hole and then close and latch the cam. And then “Load” using the control display.



We’ve recently posted some Youtube tutorial videos. They could be great help to users that are new to the features (3DP, Laser, CNC) of a Snapmaker. But reagrding how to load the filament you can go to ‘control’ - ‘nozzle’ on the touch screen. Once the temperature is reached, you can tap load and the filament could be feeded with ease.

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I’ve honestly never bothered with the little door. The automated loading process through the top has worked for me every time. Just insert filament, click load, and put a little downward force on the filament until you feel the unit taking up the slack.