Lightburn: Newbie question

I have read some good reviews about Lightburn. My problem is I am a true blue newbie. I have read the instructions written by someone in the Lightburn forums.

I have a Mac, running 11.0 software. I have no idea how to have Lightburn recognize my SM2. I know the article was well written for Windows, but not Mac ( Unless as a newbe I missed something entirely.)
So if someone would be kind and generous to do a step by step guide and maybe a screenshot or two would great for a visual learner.

Also the article talks about connecting the computer to the SM2 by usb. I have no clue on how to do that so that Lightburn recognizes the SM2.

Thanks for anyhelp

I have some Problems with lightburn,too - I use it in Linux. It does not connect to my snapmaker. At the moment I just use it for generating Gcode and pass this code to luban.

Do not run projects directly from lightburn. There is a serial buffer issue, weird things will happen. Instead export the gcode and run from the touchscreen.

Run boundary will not work
Door detection will ruin the job if the door opens.

Those are both bugs snapmaker is aware of

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Make sure you have the CH340 drive from here: Snapmaker 2.0 – Downloads - Snapmaker
The com port won’t show up until you have plugged in the Snapmaker

and for the USB what worked for me was a type A to Mini B 2.0 with the type A in my computer and mini B in the snapmaker.

Thanks for the hint.
If you just generate the gcode with Lightburn and control the job via luban, door detection works :slight_smile:

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I tried that and Luban did not recognize it, even after changing the extension from every to nc. Any suggestions?

To open gcode you need to use this button:


Not the File: Open Dialog

I use Lightburn with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux.
Had a problem with driver and machine not connecting.
Tried several so called solutions. None worked.
I finally found this site How to Install CH340 Drivers - which not only has a working driver but also has extensive explanations for several OS’s.
Run boundary works fine ( I have a A350 ) and the burn also succeeds.
Note that the tutorial mentioned above also explains the steps to take ie add membership to group etc.
Am willing to help if someone wants to try this.