Lightburn Camera via Snapmaker camera

Has anyone had any luck using the Snapmaker camera via Lightburn software?

I have no idea what do you mean.
Did you got a camera with your snapmaker or did you mean Cam Post processor?

Yes, Snapmaker Laser Module have a Cam inside, but idont now how this will speak whit Lighburn, Lightburn work whit USB Webcams…

The Snapmaker laser module comes with camera. I would like to access that camera in Lightburn if possible.

Me too! It beats trying to mount a 2nd camera to the head to work.

Unfortunately, there is no connectivity between Lightburn and the built-in camera on the laser module. Lightburn uses direct USB control for the connection to the camera.

I have been looking at some videos on setting up a camera to use with Lightburn on K-40 lasers. I am wondering if it would be possible to set up a USB camera mounted to the enclosure and get it calivrated for use with the Snapmaker. I’m considering trying that out once I get my enclosure.

I hope LightBurn can figure this out soon. Having access to the snapmaker camera would be awesome.

Not going to happen.
Lightburn uses usb to connect.
SM can only connect to camera on wifi.


@sdj544 not only that, the camera itself is connecting to the controller via Bluetooth and connecting the camera to Lightburn would be impossible.