Learning curve and such ,,,

Tried the CNC module on my Snapmaker1 for the first time today.

  1. Damn that thing is loud!
  2. Learning curve? More like learning cliff with overhangs. For some reason my tool wants to generate the pattern mid-air. And I can figure out the reason why.

I’ve designed a simple jig in Fusion 360 to jold those 80 mm x 80 mm mdf and delrin sheets I got with the Snapmaker (link: https://a360.co/2N2W6Z3)

The set-up was described on the Snapmaker homepage along with the correct settings, tool library etc.

I set work origin to 0.1 mm above the stock. Then when I run the file, it lifts the toolhead up, but lowers it to about 3 mm above the stock and follows all the toolpath from there.
What do I do wrong?

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