Layers shifting-Impossible to print

G02691243 JIG_13802067 gcode.rar (1.8 MB)
Hello everyone, I dared to make a publication because I had layers shifting problems, the first time it happened to me I had not changed any of the parameters that I use regularly, it is worth mentioning that I have always used Luban, I have done many tests in order to solve the problem from resetting the machine, using z-hop retraction, printing at different qualities, temperatures, calibrations, I even got caught up in cleaning the “y” axis modules because I had seen it in a post that had worked. Finally I tried to reset the machine and with the deafault parameters. I hope you can help me, I really feel a little frustrated.

G02691243 JIG.stl (83.4 KB)
G02691243 JIG_13802067 gcode.rar (1.8 MB)

@MooseJuice @Deth its another one. @mauricio first thing you need to do is swap your splitters with each other. I will take a look at the files in a couple minutes. I’m pretty sure I already know what the problem is but we need to eliminate all other possibilities first. @staff can you pull me and the poster into a private chat with you guys just as you did with me and the other user that had this issue before, that was when Edwin was here so you may not know of it but I diagnosed this with another user.

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Wow that is very similar to what I had happen just on a different axis. Artezio single handedly walked me through the troubleshooting process. Without his help there is no way I would have made it. It was so very fustrating, so my advise is a take a deep breath and listen to Artezio his understanding of this stuff is next level. Make sure to keep snapmaker in the loop in the process of troubleshooting to save you from having to echo everything to them.

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swap splitters, you mean swapping the z axis with the y axis?

My layer shifting problems on the last round were declared a slicer problem, but honestly I have had so many rounds of linear modules failing for a multitude of reasons.

@mauricio swap the y axis splitter with the z axis splitter.

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Thanks Artezio, I took your advice and I started a print. I will see the results shortly, waiting for them to be satisfactory.:crossed_fingers:

@mauricio k let me know.

@mauricio how did the prints come out?

hello Artezio

I tried but the printing still did not go well.

@mauricio ok, contact support. You likely have a bad controller.

Make sure to add a link to this thread for easy reference, less troubleshooting etc

Hey can you post the gcode from that print in here? id like to try to print that.

only because… it reminds me of my latest bout of layer shifts… and id like to see how it goes on my machine.

I don’t think it’s a slicer issue, he’s most likely got a bad controller. This is like the 6th one. Couldn’t hurt to try the gcode and model though.

I dont think Im considering it “slicer issue” in the sense it was sliced incorrectly, i think that there are some slices the machine isn’t good enough to handle and i think there are ways to mitigate it by using different methods.

I see the gcode and am modifying the temps and fan for my current filament to print right now.

edit: 33 hour print with luban LOL. im curious about how long it would take sliced from s3d at my optimal settings going to chekc that out.

The answer is 23 hours printed as a solid object all shells no infill. I can print this solid as a rock in 10 hours less than luban can print it with low infill.

at 10% infill with 3 shells im at 7.5 hours… I see no reason to go any less than that, but if you tell me what your infill was i’ll check it. If i had to guess i’d say maybe yours is 5%. 10% looks like this:

Sorry to say but luban is an absolute joke!

Oh, edit again - I thought the gcode and file were of this recent picture with this awful looking infill, so that is interesting.

You were using a different model for this picture. Can you share THIS gcode and model too? I am going to let the first one run for awhile but not 33 hours.

omg look at this crap, its on line 3 now. just decided not to bother filling in over here on the previous layer.

Here man, a proper gcode file for the model you shared above set for PLA temperatures. It also has a good priming routine so the print starts off better. Got some gunk underneith near the hole on my instance that dragged along after priming.

This is assuming an A350.

G02691243 JIG.gcode (2.1 MB)

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Thank you very much for all the help you are giving me, I am attaching the gcode and the model. The first model I printed it at 8% and it printed well, but what I did was put it to print until it printed well. If it is not too much request, cand you send me your parameters please, or if you use Cura can you send me your profile, I don´t use cura becouse is manage a lot of parameters. Normally I printed between 5-15% but sometimes I needed it to be as hard as possible so I printed 100% as is the case of the one I am attaching. And yes I have the A350 with enclosure.

CL.rar (1.5 MB)
Clamp 1.stl (59.0 KB)

Not that it will help with the layer shifting, but never use 100% infill. Use 95% at the max - otherwise the filament has nowhere to go if/when it over-extrudes. I’ve read that there are diminshing returns above 50%, and basically no point at all in going above 75%.

Personally, I’ve never used over 50% infill.

To your shifts.
Did you pause and then resume printing for some reason? With the door recognition switched on, the door opened or something?

well i use simplify3d so my settings are not really going to be something you can utilize.

solid infill (can) be problematic sometimes if overextruding.

Ill fiddle with this a bit for funsies… but it may legit be a bad controller… i was printing your other gcode shape without any shifting problems.

Pardon the brief digression:

How do you find Simplify 3D, as an improvement on Cura? I keep hearing good things about it, and the price isn’t too bad - so basically it’s more a matter of “now that I’ve gotten used to Cura, is it worth learning a new slicer”.