Latest update causing layer shifts?

I havent been able to successfully print anything even things Ive printed with ease. Ive printed this dragon multiple times now but ever since the latest update Ive been getting layer shifts.

Im at the point where Im going to sell this thing and tell people not to buy it. its doing nothing but waste my money and time. good job on the update fellas

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Would you be able to provide a but more information? Namely:

Does this happen on other models?

Does reverting to the previous firmware you were using fix the problem?

What firmware did you update from?

yes, it’s doing this to every print. I’ve adjusted the setting in various ways to counter the problem but nothing is working. I can’t even get a benchy to come out decent. I use to be able to print the dragon model on normal quality without a brim and it came out perfect.
My firmware is V1 4.12.1
I haven’t tried to revert to previous firmware. I didn’t know that was possible but ill give it a shot.

also, I’m not getting any weird sounds from any axis modular. I recently replace the steel strip on the x-axis but I made sure to follow the tutorial to the T

Have you had any successful prints since replacing the dust cover?
Did you have any layer shifts before replacing the dust cover?

Looks like it’s happening only with the y-axis, is this true? If you swap both your y and z axes does this help?

Also, could you post your logs? Could be something helpful in there.

I printed a vase right after replacing the cover and it came out just fine. I’ve never had a layer shift issue until the most recent firmware update.

I will give that a shot and update you afterward.

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If you want immediate help, contact Support. People here can only provide you with suggestions, while Support can work with you to fix things that may actually be broken. If reseating all of the connectors does not work, contacting Support is your only option.