Laserproblems by lasering 1.5mm basswood

in the last days i got some Problems with the laser, because i can´t laser through 1.5mm basswood or similar. it makes no diffrence how many paths/ steps i use it never completely lasers through the material.

someone have any idea?

Assuming you’ve tried recalibrating/testing focus, the next thing that comes to mind is dirt on the lens partially blocking the laser.

If you have the enclosure, it could also be that the door sensor is stuck (that is, the laser thinks the door is open when it isn’t), in which case I believe the laser will get stuck at 5% power.

I have already checked and calibrated all these things. In principle, the laser only cuts about 1.4mm and not 1.5 or more, even if I enter 4 steps with an infeed of 0.6mm each

Is it plywood? There are plywood brands that have glue that is kindof “laser-resitant” (only heard about it, never had this problem myself). So perhaps a differend kind of wood solves it?

A bit reading on this: Nervous System’s quest for the best laser-cutting plywood – Nervous System blog

its the original material from Snapmaker…

What are the settings you are using?