Lasercut Foam Mandala

Work in progress. Some foam slices I got at Joanne’s

I still need to get it lined up more carefully for mounting.


They look great. Did they come out looking like that after Lasering or did you need to post process them? No burning etc? Can you share power , speed and passes so I can get an idea about how easy that type of stuff cuts. Thanks for sharing.

I used light burn so speed are in mm/sec (not minute). But 100% power. Black was a single pass, 20mm/sec. Blue and purple had to be 10 mm/sec 2 to 3 passes since they reflect more of the laser wave length.

Not pictures if a final top layer where the walls were ultra thin. I initially did it in blue, but given the thinness and multiple passes that one didn’t come out b/c they fused together. Other than that clean cuts. On some of the tiny holes pieces lingered but for the most part everything else just fell out. (This project gave me the idea to 3d print a rake for the laser bed to help clean that out lol)

And um… In posting this else where after the fact someone said I shouldn’t cut the blue b/c it contains chlorinated dye. so, idk, but I probably should have done more diligence before putting these under the knife, but what’s done is done.

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Thanks for the detail. Interesting that the colour has such an impact on the cutting ability. Never thought about that.

Always laser well ventilated I think almost everything thats burned gives off something noxious .