Laser cutting kydex?

Haven’t gotten my 2.0 yet so I can’t test it out.

Just curious if anyone knows if sm 2.0 will laser cut Kydex or not? Was planning to order some Kydex in blue and black, but if sm 2.0 can’t laser cut it, then I probably won’t bother. :slight_smile: I know I can CNC cut it, but I want the nice edges you get from a laser cut.


Not sure if it can, depends on thickness probably, but kydex emits nasty hydrogen chloride fumes when laser cut.
So unless you have some professional ventilation system and appropriate protection, I wouldn’t recommend it.
Before you laser any type of material you should do a search for what kind of fumes it puts off.



Ah, that’s good to know. Ok, laser is out then. :frowning: As much as I want the nice clean cut, I don’t want to deal with the fumes.

Maybe I’ll just get 1 sheet and I’ll try to CNC it and avoid the laser. The edges won’t be as clean, but it should be sand-able to smooth out the edges. See how it comes out after that.

Thank you :slight_smile: