Laser Cut Art with the Snapmaker V2 A350 10watt Laser

MDF Board 1.5mm or 3mm
Wood 3mm - 6mm
4-10 passes at .1mm In at 900mm/min at 85% (still tweaking settings)

Almost all wood has been warped so multiple passes helps and using a weight on the material as well.

I need to make small holes in the corners for alignment purposes.

And I would love to integrate LEDs when I get some brain power.


really nice like it so much from where you got those or prepare by yourself?

I’m making the files in Illustrator. Here’s an example. I can’t share an AI file.

Here’s how I created the layers. I add or subtract “offset path” and use the “sacred geometry” and other values of 5, 10,45,120 degree rotations, etc.

Another I made today for my cousin

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With my “enclosure” :smiley:


Could you post your latest settings for the 10w Laser Module by material type? I’ve been trying to find anything official/owner-submitted settings, but nothing so far.

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I’m using Lightburn and not the Snapmaker Luban software.

I’m finding that the 900mm a minute with 75-80% power at 0.1 IN and depending on thickness 2-20 passes is just what I started with.

This is what has worked so far for MDF:

1mm 2 passes 0.1 in
3mm ~6 passes 0.1 in
5mm ~ 15+ passes 0.1 in

This is my go to for cutting 3mm MDF

What else do you want to know?

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Does it char badly on the 5mm? Have you tried deeper z-steps? Really like the final three images (last two of project + enclosure)!
Also forgive my ignorance, what are the values for the “sacred geometry”, do you mean like the golden ratio in snail shells? Any help on this would be appreciated :slight_smile:


If you’re worried about a bit of the char just sand it, but if you’re painting, psh. Don’t worry about it that much.

Deeper Z-steps… no, not really. I think I tried .11 or .125 but I’m kind of sticking to what works regardless of passes.

“sacred geometry” Sacred geometry - Wikipedia

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I did metal!

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why do you not have ‘air assist’ enabled?

I can’t see what screenshot you spotted that in, but it is because the SM laser doesn’t have air assist.

Whatever is built into the A350.

I used the A350 not the original Snapmaker