Laser Working Parameters

Changing Defaults.

I add a file via the add button.
Resize to width I want (95mm x 185)
Select Greyscale
Select Process
Defaults are Movement Dot (High Quality)
Density 7 dot/mm
Jog Speed 1500 mm/min
Work Speed 2500 mm/min
Dwell Time 5 ms/dot

The problem arises when I change the movement mode to Line and then back to Dot (High Quality)
It does not revert back to the default settings of above, but now you only get
Work Speed: 1500 mm/min
Dwell Time 42 ms/dot
and can’t see the Job Speed adjuster.

When changing settings it shouldn’t change the defaults.

If you close and reopen Luban, is it back as default?
It would be very annoying if I am looking for preferences and it turns to default every time I switch to dot/line mode.
I guess I have and want to search for my perfect setting every time I do a engraving on a new surface.

if you close luban and reopen it it goes back to normal. if you delete the image and reopen it, it goes back to normal.