Laser wont cut all the way through

I have recently purchased the A350 and have successfully used the laser to cut the laser cut gift box that comes with Luban. I have tried several times to cut an outline of Saluki dog. The settings are exactly the same as for the gift box but it wont cut all the way though. I tried adding another pass from 2 to 3 but no luck. Has anyone got any ideas?
I’m using similar plywood to that supplied with the kit. Same thickness.

I’m new to Snapmaker and Luban and laser cutting. I’ve successfully used greyscale to print a picture but using vector to cut isn’t successful.

A plywood may look similar to one which cuts well but different plywoods have different glues which may affect the way the laser cuts them.

Thanks Albutch, I’ll try the gift box again with the new wood

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Besides differences in plywood, curves don’t cut as well as straight lines. So if your dog image has a lot of changes in direction (which I’m assuming it does) it will take more passes.
Divide thickness of wood by number of passes and make that your step-down. (then I tend to add one more pass just to be sure)

Just tried the gift box again with the new plywood. It didn’t cut all the way through. I’ve just ordered a Snapmaker materials pack from an outlet here in the UK. Thanks again for your help.

I’ll try the dog image again when my new wood arrives. Thanks sdj544

I can’t even get it to cut through the gift box with the SM supplied wood without it doing at least 20 passes. Not sure if it is me or the machine (probably me).

I think the included wood is a solid wood, and not a plywood - it should go through pretty easy. Sounds like the focus is probably wrong? With the glasses on and the laser on you should be able to ball park the focus pretty close just by eye, looking for the smallest dot size.

I will have to try that. Thank you.