Laser Won't Auto Focus

I have used identical settings to etch this as I have used for other very successful and similar projects, and I don’t know why it looks like garbage. I suspect it’s because my automatic focus is not working properly, but I don’t know how to fix it. Help!

Did you upgrade to 1.10.1?
Because I was feeling like it was doing some strange things when I tried to use autofocus. There’s an option under the settings menu where you can adjust the focus distance. (Can’t remember exactly what it was termed. On a long print now so can’t check). I think it was named differently in newest firmware. It seemed like it wasn’t saving properly. I went back to 1.10

BTW, technically it only auto focuses when you calibrate it. It figures out what the focus point/distance is for your particular machine. After that it’s relying on you to correctly enter the height of your work piece. If you don’t have a digital calipers this is nearly impossible. If the thickness of your material has changed and you didn’t verify it, it could mess things up.