Laser failure on 250

I’ve been using the laser for a while now, I’ve just gone to power up for my next project and the laser (when in home position covers an area of about 10x20mm, thought I’d move laser into position to start the cut and it was burning the wood before starting. The laser was set at 3mm off surface and the beam was around 2x4mm.
Can anyone advise

Are you able to focus if you remove the lense hood?
There are several people in the forum which need to remove the lens hood for cutting.

Is the lens still in place? Should look like this (I’ve removed the lens hood).

This is the view of the lens I have on my machine

That looks fine. Just a thought.

I have since tried re-applying the test firmware, and it seems to have worked. as the beam has gone back to its original size, only thing now is the finish is very dense, almost like a silhouette rather than a picture.

It seems to be one thing after another , when trying to calibrate the laser, set thickness 2.5, put the calibration paper under, once set, pressed start and laser goes to a position 150mm from surface won’t let me use the z axis, so pressed start, and is no where near the surface. This with new controller, cable and fully upgraded, although still say controller needs upgrade. Now the wifi connection keeps disconnecting only getting around 20% downloaded to snapmaker from luban on computer.

This is likely a bug that’s been present for a long long time that support will not help me troubleshoot until a video can be produced of the behavior. If you can get a video of it happening please send it to support as I can’t make it reproduce on command, only when I’m not recording.

The workaround is this:

Seem to have got it to work, by that I mean the calibration side of things, changed the cable, although dont know how long it was last before it goes wrong again. Issue I have now is connection keeps dropping out so unable to transfer projects o or to machine